Jugo de Aloe Vera Ecológico 1L


Organic Aloe Vera juice, drinkable without pulp. Bottle 1000 ml.

Consuming the recommended dose, it helps us to improve our intestinal transit, palliating problems of constipation, insufficiency of defences, tiredness, migraines, acidity, burning, sensitivity of the gums, improves aspect of the skin, strengthens the hair and the nails, etc.

It helps in slimming diets.

Mixed in our stews, it acts as a flavour enhancer.

Take 50ml daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

1000ml bottle.

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Functions for the organism: It is a pain inhibitor, relieving chronic pain from arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism; It prevents tiredness in the legs due to poor circulation, phlebitis or varicose veins; It heals ulcers, eliminates gastritis and regulates the functioning of the intestine; It activates and detoxifies the organism, producing a total improvement in health; It eliminates bad breath caused by stomach imbalances; It regulates digestion. 

Functions: Prevents migraines and combats stress, depression and states of anxiety or tiredness; Strengthens, regenerates and vitalises hair; Regulates the thyroid gland; Emulsifies cholesterol, cleanses and purifies the liver blood; Regenerates cells improving skin tone; Activates the body's circulation.... In short, it regulates our digestive system and our circulatory system, as well as being an excellent natural vitamin supplement.

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Certificado ECOCERT


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