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  • Gel Relajante...


    We present a new product, this magnificent Relaxing Gel, based on Aloe+Thyme+Mint that acts as a palliative for muscular and joint pain and as a blood irrigator (Varicose veins).

    500 ml bottle

  • Bálsamo Labial Reparador...


    This Aloe + Shea butter based repairing balm has anti-inflammatory, repairing and nourishing properties. Lip and nose balm formulated with highly hydrating, protective and moisturising active ingredients that help soothe and prevent lip cracks and fissures and protect around the nose. Relief from the first application with Organic and Natural Biocosmetics.  Organic repairing balm with Aloe Vera and Shea Butter active ingredients. 15ml

  • Crema Anti-Acné Aloe+Árbol...


    Aloe + Tea Tree cream, special for seborrhoeic and acne-prone skins, healing.

    Bottle 120 ml.

  • Crema Antiedad 55% Aloe...



     Cream based on Aloe Vera, avocado, shea butter, hyaluronic acid and essential oils, it is a nourishing antioxidant that prevents the appearance of the signs of ageing.


  • Gel Puro Aloe Vera MACBE...


    Made from Aloe Barbadensis from organic farming.

    Product indicated for all kinds of problems in the skin, dermatitis, psoriasis, solar burns, fire, liquids, asphalt etc... irritations postdepilatorio, afther shave, candidiasis, vaginal warts, itches, fungi, herpes, pains by blows, varicose veins etc.

    250 ml bottle.

  • Jugo de Aloe Vera Ecológico 1L


    Organic Aloe Vera juice, drinkable without pulp. Bottle 1000 ml.

    Consuming the recommended dose, it helps us to improve our intestinal transit, palliating problems of constipation, insufficiency of defences, tiredness, migraines, acidity, burning, sensitivity of the gums, improves aspect of the skin, strengthens the hair and the nails, etc.

    It helps in slimming diets.

    Mixed in our stews, it acts as a flavour enhancer.

    Take 50ml daily, preferably on an empty stomach.

    1000ml bottle.

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    This repairing balm based on Aloe + Shea butter has anti-inflammatory, repairing and nourishing properties. Tattoo balm formulated with highly hydrating, protective and moisturising active ingredients that help regenerate and soothe your skin from the first application.

    Organic repairing balm with Aloevera and Shea Butter active ingredients 15ml

  • Jabón Natural de Aloe Vera


    Soap specially made for the hygiene, cleaning and care of delicate skins.

    Made with Aloe Vera, coconut oil and olive oil.

    Soap for all skin types, especially for the most delicate, including psoriasis, eczema and allergies. 

    These bars of soap are equivalent to about 75 washes which would be equivalent to 3 bottles of 500ml of any liquid gel.

    With this we help to improve the environment and to sustain the planet.

    Natural, ecological and vegan product.

  • Gel Muscular Aloe Vera


    Muscle gel with Aloe vera, Calendula and Arnica Montana.

    Powerful palliative against muscular and joint pain.

    100 ml bottle.

  • Ungüento Aloe+Caléndula 120ml


    Aloe Ointment with Calendula and Beeswax.

    This ointment based on aloe, calendula and beeswax, is made according to an old formula of our great-grandmothers when there were very few medicines.

    It is a soothing, healing and regenerating of the skin and can be applied for any type of problem that we have in any part of our body. Sore hands and feet (chilblains).

    120 ml bottle

  • Gel íntimo...


    Aloe Vera + Thyme + Calendula intimate gel.

    Soothing, sanitizing and moisturizing for your most intimate part.

    Pack 100 ml.

  • Gel Relajante...


    We present a new product, this magnificent Relaxing Gel, based on Aloe Vera + Thyme + Mint, which acts as a palliative for both muscle and joint pain and blood irrigator (Especially Varicose Veins).

    Pack of 1000 ML